Tuesday, February 01, 2011

its been a long time between drinks ...

whoooo so I'm back, we finally after all these years have broadband internet ... lots has happened since I last wrote on this site.

I've added more strings to my bow of artistic pursuits ... for all those who have checked this site for whatever reason, thanks for looking in on me.

I'm now living in Auckland and am the director of one of the largest Pacific festivals in the world, yep you've got it, Pasifika Festival, held annually in Auckland at Western Springs park every second calendar Saturday in March.

Heaps has happened arts wise, movies, sculpture projects etc still chillin with the homies.

I'm part of the Pacific Arts Alliance,yazooo.

enjoying Auckland and will post some shite shortly ...

talk more soon

Friday, August 08, 2008

We're BACK ......

Malo peeps, or for you not too savvy , how's it going?/how are you?/s'up? in kiwi samoan ...

I be doin the doin lately, so hence, little traffic on this site since 2006

I've been doin some cool tapestries with, amongst others, George Nuku so theres some more work since Style Pasifika stuff, we have cemented some good works which have resulted in us carrying further the relationship created in the cooperation of Maori Multi-disciplinary artist Daryll Thomson a.k.a DLT and myself, a first generation aotearoa samoan.

below you would have seen some of our earlier work of woven audio visual strands creating tapestries of light and sound which can have elements of "the live" ...

I will shortly post the polystyrene carving work that came from earlier cooperations with Daryll and George. Which also leads to where we went next...

We have recently as a group - which George entitled "Te Pito" - been to Brisbane to participate at the Dreaming festival 2008 at Woodford. Where we had talented artist Tu Duley join us, and we managed to complete another milestone and anchor point on this rather interesting journey. I'll edit this down and add it to the lot we've already shot and partially cut.

You can check out what we did at the international event by going to the Dreaming Festival website if you're interested further...

One of Tu's mates shot it on amcam and posted it to You Tube, you can see us doing the "haka" up against the traditional owners of the lands' mob.

Whilst we were there we managed to fit in panel talks and discussions, shot and showed projected video work, run workshops and produce large polystyrene pieces for the closing ceremony with an item thrown in for good stead ...

Thanks for checking out this site ... and sorry for prattling on but to get the best of the different two minute videos on this site you need to have a grunty broadband connection plus awesome speakers to get the full impact of the cool DLT music and the images ... enjoy

But wait theres moRe ....

what an auspicious date ...

soifua maloloina ...


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Tattoo U

Heres the latest posted woven tapestry by DLT, Borrie and I.
Hope you enjoy ... big ups to Sam Hunt ...
... a question - What is/was the digital strategy for the Pacific ?
is it Whakairo ? weaving
or Lalanga ? lashing
or Tatau ? or Tattoo
I await the professors to inform me
of who i am as a pacific artist ...
and why i do what i do ... enjoy the clips
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"Out of Space" Marae

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I like to work cooperatively with other artists,
the music on these clips are the work of
multi media artist D.L.T who I really enjoy working with.
This group of videos is called "Out of Space" marae,
inspired by the work of artist George Nuku.
I'd like to acknowledge CreativeNZ's Pacific Arts committee
for the airfare funding, malo aupito.
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some throws...

another cooperative piece ,
this time with Niuean artist, Mikoyan Vekula.
Music by DLT, Artwork by Vekula
images captured by moi ...
Mikoyan uses a variety of mediums to facilitate his artistic expression.
Check out his website:
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and another ...
music by Tenei Kesha - samoa/india
the next generation of hip hop musicians
from Aotearoa/NZ.
Imagery captured by moi ...
all comments welcomed!
thanks for checking this blogsite ...
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welcome to my world

Hi - Hello - Gidday - Kia Ora - Talofa - wassup?
"...we all live in DIFFERENT worlds but we are all ONE..."
enjoy the site
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